We provide advanced classes for high achieving high school students interested in pursuing a career in medicine or related fields, such as pharmacy, nursing, biomedical research or drug development.  Through engaging lectures and hands-on laboratory classes, students learn normal molecular and cellular biology, and then learn how these normal processes are distorted during the development of cancer.  The Molecular Neuroscience workshop is structured in a similar manner: lessons on normal molecular biology are used as a framework from which to understand the intricacies of normal and pathologic neurobiology at a molecular level.  To conclude the workshop, students use what they have learned to create an original research project on a gene of their choice.    


More broadly, workshop attendees make friends from around the world, strengthen their academic skills and experience college dorm life in a safe environment.


Dates and locations of the 2015 workshops will be announced soon.   Applications will open at this time.  

2014 workshops were as follows: 

There are four Molecular Biology of Cancer workshops this summer held at University of California at Berkeley, Yale University and UCLA, and one workshop on Molecular Neuroscience held at UCLA.  The dates for the workshops on Molecular BIology of Cancer are 6/1-6/14 and 8/4-8/16 at UC Berkeley and 6/16-6/29 at Yale University.   The Molecular Biology of Cancer and Molecular Neuroscience workshops will be held concurrently at UCLA from 7/6-7/19.  Please note the following: you must be 16 years old to attend the Yale workshop.  

University of California - Berkeley

UC-Berkeley is one of the world’s premier research universities, with 9 Nobel laureates on the current faculty and academic programs consistently ranked in the top-10 nationally.  Located outside of San Francisco, UC-Berkeley was recently named the 3rd best university in the world.  Students are housed at the Foothill undergraduate housing complex, and eat in the Foothill cafeteria.  


Yale University


Founded in 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University is one of the oldest universities in the United States and one of the most prestigious universities in the world.   Five US Presidents are Yale alumni, and there have been 51 Nobel Laureates affiliated with the school, including 5 current faculty. 




Founded in 1919, UCLA is a flagship university for the prestigious University of California (UC) system and is the largest UC university.  Located in Los Angeles, UCLA faculty have won 6 Nobel Prizes and 52 current faculty are members of the esteemed National Academy of Sciences. 



Additional details about the workshops and how to apply can be found by following the links in the orange navigation bar above. 

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