We have fully scheduled our winter/spring and summer workshops on molecular medicine, and applications are now being accepted! Our workshops are designed for high-achieving high school and middle school students who are interesting in pursuing careers in medicine, biomedical research, pharmacy, or other careers within the health sciences. Our instructors are PhD-level scientists who are actively engaged in the field of medical research, and they expose students to cutting-edge molecular biology through engaging lectures, real-world labs, and independent projects. Workshop attendees make friends from around the world, strengthen their academic skills, build their college portfolio, and experience college dorm life in a safe environment. (see the Biomedical Camps tab).

We offer winter break and spring workshops – both online and in-person – which should be compatible with school schedules, and during summer we also offer residential programs held at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego

Winter Break and Spring Workshops: The Medical Bioinformatics and Medicinal Chemistry workshops are offered online over winter break from 12/26-12/30. During the spring we offer two workshops: 1. Covid-19: Biology, Immunity, Medicine – held online in the afternoons from 3/15/21-3/26/21, and 2. Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Medicine – held online in the afternoons from 3/29/21-4/9/21. The Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Medicine workshop is designed for younger students (ages 11-18) and those students looking for a shorter and/or more affordable option. We also offer a lab-intensive workshop on Biomedical Research, held at our facility in Alameda, CA from 3/29/21-4/9/21 (afternoons, every day). This workshop is a great introduction to several modern molecular laboratory techniques, including fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry.

Summer 2021 Workshops: During the summer we offer in-person workshops (residential and commuter), held at UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and our facility in Alameda, CA, and we will also offer several online options.
Our residential programs held at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego include Molecular Biology of Cancer, Molecular Neuroscience, Molecular Immunology, and Molecular Biology of Aging. Sessions are 6/6/21-6/19/21 and 6/20-7/3 (UC Berkeley) and 7/11/21-7/24/21 (UC San Diego).

We also offer four lab-intensive workshops at our facility in Alameda, CA: Cancer Research (6/20-7/3), Immunology Research (7/11-7/24), and two sessions of Biomedical Research (7/28-8/7 and 8/9-8/19). These workshops are commuter-only, so if you are from outside the area you would need to find your own accommodations. Finally, the online workshops for summer 2021 are as follows: Medicinal Chemistry (6/20-7/3), Medical Bioinformatics (7/5-7/16) and two different sessions (AM and PM) of Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Medicine from 7/19-7/30.

Please note that we use a rolling admissions system, so there is no application deadline and early applicants are more likely to be accepted.