Why should I attend?

Cancer, neuroscience and immunology are fascinating topics. Get a feel for college living and college curriculum in a low-stress, safe environment. Sharpen your academic skills and learn to think using the scientific method. Gain valuable job experience. Get a jump on your future college peers.

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Who is eligible to attend?

Mature middle/high school students ages 11-18 (depending on the workshop). High school biology recommended but not required. Exceptions can be made for students who are constrained by certain circumstances, or for students with exceptional backgrounds. There are a limited number of teaching assistant positions available to students aged 18+.

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What is the application process?

An application and good academic standing are required. One letter of recommendation is required for in-person workshops, but not online workshops. Notifications of acceptance are sent out on a rolling basis. Tuition will need to be paid prior to the workshop.

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If I am unable to attend are refunds available?

Online workshops:  Full refunds will be given for refund requests submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the workshop. For cancellation requests made within two weeks or less of the workshop start date, no refund will be given except for medical reasons, which must be documented in writing by a physician. In [...]

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Are scholarships available?

There are a couple full and partial scholarships available on a competitive basis for students from lower income households.  Transportation costs are not included in the scholarship and applicants must reside in the USA.  Additional requirements: 1. Two letters of recommendation are required instead of one  2. Submission of a scientific essay (please contact us [...]

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Are the universities safe?

Adult workshop staff will be nearby at all times, the living accommodations are controlled-access and the university campuses are regularly patrolled by campus police. The health and safety of the attendees is our first priority.

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