There is no application deadline, but students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible because suitable candidates are accepted on a rolling basis. A letter of recommendation is not required for Winter/Spring workshops, and all online workshops, but a letter can be submitted as a supplement to an application. A link to the recommendation form can be found at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to add to your email client’s “safe list” or address book to prevent our emails (including your possible acceptance) from being filtered into the spam folder.

Winter/Spring Workshops 2021/2022

Winter/Spring workshops are commuter only or online. Winter workshops run approximately 9am-5pm PST, while Spring workshops are later afternoon/evening (PST) to accommodate school schedules. The online Medicinal Chemistry (12/26-12/30) and online Medical Bioinformatics (12/26-12/30) workshops are $490. The in-person, commuter-only Biomedical Research workshop during winter break (12/26-12/31, ~9am-5pm PST) is $1490. During spring, the online Emerging Pathogenic Viruses (3/14-3/25, 4-7pm PST) workshop is $390, and the Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Medicine workshop (3/28-4/8, M-F, 4:30-6:30pm PST) is $325.

Winter/Spring Biomedical Workshops

Summer Residential/Commuter Workshops 2022

Residential fees for the university-based Cancer/Neuroscience/Immunology/Aging workshops are $3580. Residential tuition includes room and board, transportation to/from the airport (with restrictions), custom T shirt/lanyard/notebook/pen, weekend field trip and some recreational activities, and workshop materials. There are a limited number of non-residential commuter spots available for $2280 (includes lunch, T shirt/lanyard/notebook/pen and all activities).

The Biomedical Research workshops (commuter only) are $2780. Tuition includes custom T shirt/notebook/pen/workshop materials/special gift).

Summer Biomedical Workshops

Summer Online Workshops 2022

There are two separate but concurrent sessions of the Medicinal Chemistry workshop, one from 9am-12pm PST, and one from 3-6pm PST. Similarly, there are three separate but concurrent sessions of Intro to Cellular and Molecular Medicine, one from 9-11:00am PST, one from 12-2:00pm PST, and one from 3-5:00pm PST.  The summer sessions of the Medical Bioinformatics workshop will be 2.5 hours in the morning, and 3 hours in the afternoon, and additional time is available for one-on-one project discussion with the instructor.

Tuition for the summer online workshops is as follows:  the online Intro to Cellular and Molecular Medicine workshops (6/6-6/17) are $375, the online Medicinal Chemistry (6/20-7/1) workshops are $490, and tuition for the online Medical Bioinformatics workshops (7/5-7/15 and 8/1-8/12) are $880.

Summer Online Workshops