Why should I attend?2016-11-01T23:55:25+00:00
  1. Cancer, neuroscience and immunology are fascinating topics.
  2. Get a feel for college living and college curriculum in a low-stress, safe environment.
  3. Sharpen your academic skills and learn to think using the scientific method.
  4. Gain valuable job experience.
  5. Get a jump on your future college peers.

Who is eligible to attend?2016-11-01T23:42:27+00:00

Mature high school students ages 14-18 who have previously taken high school biology. Exceptions can be made for students who are constrained by certain circumstances, or for students with exceptional backgrounds. There are a limited number of teaching assistant positions available to students aged 18+.

Are International students welcome to attend?2016-11-01T23:42:55+00:00

Yes, of course. The tuition is the same, just make sure that your travel and visa arrangements are taken care of well before the start of the class.

What should I bring?2016-11-01T23:43:29+00:00

Upon acceptance and payment of the deposit, a list of items to bring will be sent out.

What is the application process?2016-11-01T23:44:25+00:00

An application and one letter of recommendation are required. Notifications of acceptance are sent out on a rolling basis. Tuition is due within one month of acceptance.

If I am unable to attend are refunds available?2018-12-20T17:00:37+00:00

If the request for cancellation is received by May 16th, 2019, the entire tuition will be refunded, except for an administrative fee of $150 to cover contractual obligations already made on the student’s behalf. For cancellation requests made after May 16th, 2019 no refund will be given except for medical reasons, which must be documented in writing by a physician. In this case the tuition will be refunded as if the request had been received before May 16th, 2019. Requests to cancel enrollment during the workshop will be handled like a cancellation request received after May 16th: no refund will be given except for medical reasons documented by a physician. If the student must leave the camp for documented medical reasons, the workshop fee will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

How much does the transportation cost?2016-11-01T23:45:49+00:00

Upon acceptance, book your ticket as soon as possible. Transportation to/from the airport will be provided (with restrictions).

Are scholarships available?2016-11-01T23:46:20+00:00

Two full scholarships (transportation not included) are available for exceptional students from lower income households. Please inquire.

Where are students housed?2016-11-01T23:48:44+00:00

Students will be housed in undergraduate housing for university students. In general, the students will have a roommate, and shared bathrooms and common areas.

Are the universities safe?2016-11-01T23:54:24+00:00

Adult workshop staff will be nearby at all times, the living accommodations are controlled-access and the university campuses are regularly patrolled by campus police. The health and safety of the attendees is our first priority.

Does the Rosetta Institute have any research opportunities available to students outside of the workshops?2016-11-01T23:50:23+00:00

There are are a limited number of opportunities available to former students to conduct research at the Institute or to act as teaching assistants on a volunteer or paid basis. In addition, there are opportunities for students to help analyze bioinformatic data from home via computer.

Are there recreational activities planned?2016-11-01T23:51:02+00:00

There will be recreational activities in the evenings (for example: bowling at the Student Union) as well as free time, which can be spent relaxing or working on independent research projects. There will be 1.5 free days that will include at least one chaperoned field trip. Field trips could include a trip to Fishermans’ Wharf in nearby San Francisco, or an excusion to the beach.

What will the academic schedule be like?2016-11-01T23:51:53+00:00

In general, the students will be busy with the class from 9am-5pm, with an hour and a half lunch. Breakfast will be served before classes start in the morning, and dinner will be served after classes conclude for the day. The first one quarter of the workshop will include mostly lecture classes, while the final three quarters of the workshop will be a mixture of lecture, hands-on laboratory classes and computer research for their independent research project.

Are there laundry facilities available?2016-11-01T23:52:46+00:00

Yes. Laundry detergent will be provided.

May I bring my laptop computer?2016-11-01T23:57:28+00:00

Laptops are permitted and they may be helpful, but are not necessary.