BENEFITS OF ATTENDANCE2019-02-26T22:27:46+00:00
  • Meet new, interesting people from around the nation and around the world. All attendees are top students with good letters of recommendation, and during 2016 students traveled from 21 states and 12 countries to attend our camps.

  • Get a taste of college-level curriculum in a low-stress environment, experience the beautiful campuses of some of the world’s best universities, and get a feel for dorm life during your first year of college.

  • Cancer, neuroscience, aging and immunology are interesting topics that are easy to relate to. We all age, cancer and infectious disease will impact every one of us during our lives, and we all experience the wonder of our neurobiology on a daily basis.

  • Get a jump on learning molecular biology, bioinformatics and molecular laboratory techniques before your peers. Most universities don’t teach these subjects until the junior or senior year of your undergraduate degree, despite the fact that this knowledge is crucial to understanding all diseases and modern drug development in the age of personalized medicine. Prior knowledge of these subjects will give you a competitive edge when applying for college or for part time jobs in research laboratories on and off campus that are popular with undergraduates who are interested in careers in the health sciences.

  • The knowledge gained in these workshops is not specific to cancer or neuroscience or immunology: similar processes are involved in other areas of physiology and the development of all diseases. If you can learn how cancer/neuroscience/immunology works at the molecular level, then this is a solid foundation from which you can understand all aspects of biomedicine.

  • Our camps – in particular the Bioinformatics workshops and the Biomedical Research workshop – offer training that is helpful for students who are interested in competing in local or national science fairs such at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair, the Google Science Fair, Synopsys and the Siemens Competition.

  • We teach you how to ask the important questions, and how to answer these questions in a systematic and scientific way. In other words, we teach problem solving and experimental design – skills that will be valuable throughout your life, in any profession.

  • The job market in STEM fields – in particular medicine and medical research – will be strong well in to the future!